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Samantha Peris

Ok, so here is the scoop. Technically I am not a “mama” yet, but since I intend on having a babe (or four) sometime in the future, what better name for a blog than superfood mama? Besides, my whole philosophy on makin’ babies starts well before the first pregnancy to make sure my mama followers don’t end up depleted after the little ones literally suck nutrition out of them. And hey, until I am actually a “mama” I figure I can use the term like one would say, “that is one hot mama” where the person they are referring to doesn’t actually have to be a woman with babies. I am just a superfoodie who happens to be female, and besides, I have a doggie and she calls me mama (at least when my man commentates her life)…does that count? Ha, whatever, do I have to justify my blog name choice? I am new at this! Read More→