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Green maple leaf

Hello lovely people! First things first, happy new year! Can I say that in March…?

I have awakened from my 5 and a half month hiatus from my blog, thanks to the 5 month old love of my life, to tell you some very very exciting news.

The fam and I have decided to move back to our home and native land…and soon! In 2 weeks my sweet baby boy will touch Canadian soil for the first time (wish us luck for his very first plane ride…I’m terrified).

There is much we will miss about living in the Netherlands, as we have met so many great people and have loved the Euro way of life. However, our son is missing out on precious moments with our family. So alas, us world travelers are going to try and lay down some nu roots (ha), finally.

We’re Ontario bound this time, to stay. This means my workshops, wellness series, cooking classes and more are on their way to the GTA and I couldn’t be more excited to get back at it all again. I’m also looking forward to some exciting collaboration with my sister, Naturopathic Doctor and super mama extraordinaire! Stay tuned for guided detoxes, healthy mama, healthy baby workshops, and of course everybody’s favorite, including myself, raw chocolate making!

Look out Canada, here we come!!

“omg i’m pregnant!”


Yup, that sure looks like two lines…it can’t be. It shouldn’t be…or can it? My boobs are sore, my BBT was high, that matcha latte I had yesterday sent my heart racing…I need to lay down…I think I’m seeing stripes.

omg, omg, omg…I’m pregnant….holy *&#$ I’m pregnant. I feel crazy spewing these words out. Not to mention, I am talking to a dog.

But I wasn’t supposed to be ovulating. I mean I know we were “trying”, but THE FIRST TIME??!! Not bad for a once hormonally challenged gal, I guess we’re fertile…hmm…good to know!

Oh no, what have I done wrong over the past 2 weeks? There were those glasses of wine, oh, and the hot tub…er…and the glasses of wine IN the hot tub. That latte last week…the sauna at the gym…when the guy poured the water on the rocks it got really hot. Oh geez, what have I done to my babe?

I gotta check it again, yup…still two lines. I should do another. Yup…two lines, I guess it’s for real. Wow, I’m going to be a mom. Kaya, you’re going to be a big sister (I tell my dog). I’m going to be a MOM!!!!

The minor panic attack suddenly turns to the most incredible joy I’ve ever known. I am so thankful to be saying the words “I’m pregnant”. All the negative thoughts are to be brushed aside, they aren’t going to do my baby any good anyway.

It feels surreal, I continually run up the stairs every so often to check the tests…both tests positive, still 2 lines, boobs still sore…wow.

So how do I tell him? Hmm..I’ll buy baby’s first clothes…and perhaps a cute sweater for me, I can fit a decent baby bump in it.

The wait for him to get home takes FOREVER, but when the moment arrives it is fabulous. We are ecstatic! We’re having a baby! Finally we can share the excitement of it all. We have a fabulous evening, I pour him the last glass of our open bottle of wine. Sigh at the new gluten free beer in the fridge that I was excited to try this weekend. Mourn the loss of a body that was all my own, and yet love that I am now sharing it with the newest love of my life.

He begs me to find out the sex, when waiting for a surprise is something I have been adamant about for years. He’s fighting a losing battle.

I’m lying awake, cant sleep. Too excited. One church bell goes off, damn is that 1am, or is it something thirty?…4 church bells go off…wow 4am. It’s my last 9 months of sleep and I can’t. Might as well get up and write a blog called “omg I’m pregnant”. 5am…I should really try and get some sleep…but first, a snack…I’m building a baby you know!

Our lil one is meant to arrive around September 22nd…if you feel so inclined, please feel free to send my uterus all kinds of positivity!

Make sure to check back for more posts all about pregnancy and fertility…I have experience now ;)