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My April resolution is all about positivity! I am going to start by surrounding myself with positive affirmations and repeating them out loud twice a day, probably before brushing my teeth so I don’t forget. The inspiration for this resolution was yet again my amazing Naturopathic Doctor sister (Dr. Mom, ND). In fact, I believe a lot of the credit must go to her fantastic man, for really bringing it into practice in her life. I was also reminded by the movie “Hungry for Change” about the amazing Louise Hay and the affirmation “I accept myself unconditionally right now”. If you haven’t heard of Louise Hay, I highly recommend you check out or read “You Can Heal Your Life”.

The idea behind affirmations is using the power of positive thinking as a tool to bring about positive life changes. I believe that by saying my affirmations twice a day for 30 days, I will start to notice positive shifts in my thought patterns. Out with the old self sabotage and worry, in with the new, nothing but positive thoughts.

Now back to my sis and her man…when I stay at their house I am surrounded by positivity everywhere I look. I wake up to phrases like “good morning you fabulous creation” written right smack dab in the middle of the bathroom mirror, where you’d have to be blind not to see it. I have to admit, I was a little freaked out by it in the beginning. It was weird to me to be inundated with affirmations like that, but by the end of my 3 week stint at their place last year (when my handsome nephew was born) I was feeling great. I’d wake up believing I sure am one damn fabulous creation!

If confidence is something you struggle with, this month’s resolution is a MUST! My sis and her man will be the first to admit, confidence is not something that is lacking in their household, and I mean that in the most loving, and admirable of ways (notice I said confident and most certainly not conceited…there is a big difference). We must be confident in order to achieve, to love ourselves fully, love those around us, and accept that we deserve nothing but the best.

I must confess, I myself have been struggling with a few negative emotions during pregnancy. I’m a small girl, used to being a small girl, who is growing by the second and it’s freaking me out! I (embarrassingly admit) that I have been comparing myself to other pregnant girls I know thinking “I’m bigger than she was at 15 weeks”. Seriously though, I haven’t had a belly this big since I ate gluten 3 times a day before realizing I had a sensitivity to it. But now I must remind myself I am pregnant, not fat.

I have dealt with many clients and friends during their first pregnancy and many of us go through the same thing. Why do we do this self sabotage thing? It is absurd! I have now decided the faster and bigger I grow (within reason of course) the healthier and happier my baby is! And thankfully my husband constantly reassures me that it must be because my body is  so good at being pregnant :) Also, I’ve been feeling so good these days that I get concerned that something must be wrong with the pregnancy (yeah, ridiculous!). I should feel crappy during pregnancy, shouldn’t I? So what’s wrong? Is everything okay with my baby? Needless to say, some of my affirmations will include “our baby is thriving” and “I am pregnant, and beautiful”.

So what do you do? Well again following my sister’s lead, they have 2 pens that can write on mirrors or windows, one pink, one blue (his and hers, oh so cute) or just use post-it’s, whatever! Now, write anything positive, anything you have been struggling with on your bathroom mirror, or make it the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before you go to bed. My sis and bro in law not only write their own affirmations, but notes to each other reassuring one another that they are loved, and are an amazing parent, etc., it really is beautiful to read.

Well I’m off to plaster positivity all over my house, I hope that you do the same!! You are beautiful and you should tell yourself every day!

PS – I am feeling amazing and I believe I have Superfood Smoothie March to thank! For those of you who participated I’d love to hear about your experience!!

Much love,

Samantha Peris