“I started seeing Sam 3 months before I got pregnant and I truly believe her knowledge, expertise and passion helped contribute to my perfect and easy going pregnancy. The entire pregnancy was so easy for me. I wasn’t sick and never tired. I didn’t feel like I was pregnant for 9 months; felt way shorter. I think that had a lot to do with me not feeling any different. I was able to do all the same things that I was doing pre-pregnancy. I was just eating consistent healthy meals and snacks and taking my vitamins and omega 3 oils.
Sam is truly wonderful. She isn’t just knowledgeable and passionate about what she does, but she is also a true genuine person that wants the best for all her friends, family and clients. She goes above and beyond and always available if you have any concerns or questions.
My baby boy is so healthy and really alert for how young he is. Again I thank Sam for all the wonderful knowledge she shared with me and the healthy meal plan she put me and by baby boy on. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You truly have a wonderful gift and have found your true calling in life. ”

Jenna Rencz – Canmore, Alberta

“I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for the work Sam has done for me. After physical training for years I felt I had reached a slight plateau. Sam went above and beyond in her efforts to help me. Admittedly I have been to nutritionists in the past and had some result, but none so successful as Sam. She is highly educated, a factor that is actually eclipsed by just how extensively she researches and cares for each and every client. As a health care provider myself, I am honored and proud to refer to Sam and nu roots nutrition. She has been the missing link in my training and more importantly overall health. Thanks Sam!”

Scott Edmunds, RMT Active Motion Physiotherapy — Canmore, AB 

“Sam has been a great addition to my patients health care team. Her knowledge and passion are remarkable. I’ve sent many people to see her and I’ve even seen her myself.”

Dr. Christopher Long Precision Spinal & Wellness Centre — Canmore, AB

“I found Sam to be very knowledgeable. She gave me lots of information and great recipe ideas. I would recommend her to anyone!”

Jill L – Canmore, AB

I love the amount of information and education I receive every time I walk through the nu roots doors. I always leave having learned something new as well as have great ideas for my next recipe. I have suffered from stomach aches most of my life. After my consultation with Sam I’ve made some changes to my diet I have been stomach ache free for almost 5 months. Yippee!! You have helped both me and my partner feel more energetic and connected to our bodies nutritional needs. We now start each and every day with a delicious green smoothie!

Michelle Oszust – Canmore, AB

“I would describe myself as someone who is intimidated when it comes to grocery shopping and healthy food options. I’m not a fan of vegetables   and I don’t enjoy cooking. That’s why I was really surprised at my response to nu roots Whole Foods Basic class. I found it to be inspiring. Their teaching style is welcoming, not intimidating and they are obviously full of passion for what they do. The recipes they presented in class were delicious and after seeing them prepare them, simple to do and not time consuming. I was introduced to food that I would of never eaten myself and surprised to find that I loved it. It really opened my mind to the idea that healthy food could also be delicious and easy to prepare. I’m really looking forward to more classes at nu roots. nu roots is a  gem and a great resource in Canmore for knowledge and great food products you can’t find elsewhere.”
Kirstie Tweed – Banff, AB

“Sam’s sensible enthusiastic approach to healthy eating is very catching.  She helps you to look carefully at your own life style and then helps you to adjust to what you have to do to improve your eating habits.  I have considered that my husband and I have always eaten reasonably healthy food but, with Sam’s help we find that we are now eating healthier than we ever have.  This was done by small steps and encouragement by Sam.  We feel great and I find that I am finally losing some weight that I have been trying to loose for years, all this without dieting!! Super.”

JK – Canmore, AB

Being an athlete for most of my life I always thought that nutrition didn’t really make a difference because I would just burn whatever I put into my body. Wrong! Sam has taught me a ton about proper sports nutrition and has shown me how to boost my performance with superfoods and other whole foods. Her approach is simple yet very effective. As a result, my energy levels, recovery time and performance have improved dramatically. I am able to train longer, harder and more often than ever before and I can’t believe how good I feel!
EK – Canmore, AB